Details about the Canadian Sport School Program

The Canadian Sport School is looking for hardworking and motivated young athletes. The Canadian Sport School program is designed to support dedicated individuals who strive to find daily balance through their pursuit of excellence in the classroom, in their sport and in the community.

Read more on the page below for detailed information about courses, transportation logistics, academic credits and more.

Weekly Timetable

The Canadian Sport School follows a schedule in which students attend their regular high school for half of the day, taking academic classes to earn core graduation requirements, and the remainder of the day is spent at the CSS in one of the following blocks:

  • IGNITE™ Athlete Development Program
  • Independent Study Block
  • Sport Performance Seminar
CSS Victoria Timetable

A sample timetable is shown above, however please check your local campus for more details about each individual CSS Campus’ weekly timetable.

IGNITE™ Athlete Development Program

The physical component of the Canadian Sport School is called the IGNITE™ Athlete Development program. This program is strictly monitored by the Canadian Sport Institute to uphold  consistent standards in program delivery as well as testing and reporting methods.

The goal of the IGNITE™ Athlete Development program is to provide training and foundational movement skills for future Canadian athletes in the Train to Train stage of Canada`s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). These skills have been deemed important for long term athlete development as they provide the building blocks for future movement development and physical preparation. The curriculum is divided into three main movement streams consisting of strength training, gymnastics and sprint training.

This curriculum is laid out to provide key skills within each of the three movement streams that athletes must look to develop over the course of their participation in the IGNITE™ program. Along with these key skills, trouble shooting tips to common movement problems and variations of each skill are provided. This curriculum looks to serve as an endpoint to the athlete’s developmental process while allowing each centre to create its own path to that point.

Sport Performance Seminars

Our seminars are held every Monday and cover a wide range of topics relating to high performance sport. Experts in their field are brought in to give information seminars on topics such as Nutrition, Mental Training, Recovery Methods, Injury Prevention and more, while Olympic/ elite athletes are brought in to give motivational speeches to help educate the student-athletes on their journey. All seminars are web streamed for athletes who are travelling or are unable to attend.

Assignments are given out following each seminars which contribute to the grades for Sport Performance 10, 11, 12 courses. Assignments are designed to help the students gain an applied understanding of the seminar material in order to implement it into their own daily training environment.

CSS Victoria - Seminar

Academic Credit

By participating in the Canadian Sport School, as well as in their sports, student-athletes are able to maximize their daily schedules while earning credit for a variety of courses as shown below.

The Canadian Sport School teachers liaises with the athletes’ regular high schools and teachers and supports students with their academics, providing the resources and tools needed to be successful in the classroom.

The Sport School curriculum is delivered in partnership with the local School Districts and help to fulfill graduation requirements.

Students receive credit for the following 6 courses throughout the year via SIDES (using the Brightspace learning platform) based on their grade level and completed assignments:

Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
  • Career Life Education 10
  • Physical and Health Education 10
  • Individual Sports Training 10 A & B (8 credits)
  • Cross Training 10
  • Sports Performance 10
  • Active Living 11
  • Strength & Conditioning 11
  • Individual Sports Training 11 A & B (8 credits)
  • Sports Performance 11
  • Psychology of Sport 12
  • Career Life Connections 12 (including Capstone)
  • Active Living 12
  • Strength & Conditioning 12
  • Individual Sports Training 12 A & B (8 credits)
  • Sports Performance 12

Academic Standards

Our program requires CSS students to maintain high academic standing in their homeschool courses, particularly as reflected in their effort and work habits. While work habits are no longer specifically reported on report cards, we will be asking students for a copy of their reports to read the teacher’s comments and discuss any effort, behavioural or work habit issues. We encourage our students to be proactive by discussing what it takes to demonstrate these characteristics in their class at the beginning of each semester. We also recommend they check in with their teachers periodically to ensure they are on the right track.  

Mid-Day Transportation


Each Canadian Sport School campus may offer a transportation plan for prospective students to shuttle to and from their home school during the middle part of the day. This can vary depending on the number of different facilities used, regional school district policies, and local transportation options. Please contact your CSS campus to inquire further.


Canadian Sport School is open to athletes in grades 10-12, actively participating in a structured sport-specific program, and from a sport accredited by viaSport BC. Preference will be given to athletes who have demonstrated a commitment to high performance sport and the potential to move through the athlete development pathway. Please see our the Eligibility section for more information.


The application process for the Canadian Sport School is a thorough process that allows us to select the most driven and dedicated student-athletes. For more information about this process including important dates and application deadlines, please visit our Application page.