For Parents

Do athletes have to take all of the courses offered at the Canadian Sport School?
Yes. The suite of courses offered through the Sport School provides athletes with the required graduation credits in BC. The program provides credits that recognize the activities athletes do on a day-to-day basis to excel in their sports.

Will going to the Canadian Sport School impede the ability of my child to go to university?
No, students will work with school counselors to ensure they are taking the required courses for entrance to the university of their choice.

Does the Sport School provide tutoring?
​​While the sport school curriculum is taught by a certified teacher who is available to provide some support to students, the program does not provide individual tutoring. Athletes may hire personal tutors to meet with them during the Independent Study Block.

How do I know if my child is eligible to attend the Canadian Sport School?
Find out more about Canadian Sport School’s eligibility criteria. Discretion may be given to athletes, especially those entering Grade 10, who have demonstrated a commitment to high performance sport and the potential to move through the athlete development pathway, as indicated by their coach, PSO or NSO. If you are uncertain, please contact the Sport School representative in your area for more information. They will be happy to assist you and determine your child’s eligibility status.

For Coaches

I am worried about over-training. Will participating in the IGNITE program lead to over training of my athlete?
No. The focus of the Sport School training through the IGNITE Athlete Development Program works to develop the athletes’ physical literacy skills. This is achieved through an athletic curriculum developed by the Canadian Sport Institute and delivered by the lead IGNITE coach that focuses on three movement streams (sprint training, gymnastics and strength training) to enhance balance, strength, speed and explosive power to compliment your athlete’s regular training activities.

Is the Canadian Sport School going to interfere with the athlete’s eligibility to participate on school teams?
No. The Sport School program is run by Canadian Sport Institute and delivers courses through a partnership with the local School Board. Athletes will remain eligible to compete for their High Schools while they attend the Sport School.

We have set training times. Is the Canadian Sport School going to interfere with my athlete’s training?
The Canadian Sport School Program takes place during a regular school day. Sports that train before or after school should not be affected. For athletes who have training times during the day, we will work with you to determine if there is enough flexibility in the program to accommodate your training requirements.

My athlete isn’t on the provincial team, are they eligible to attend the school?
Depending on the sport and developmental age of the athlete, each athlete is at a different stage within the long-term athlete development model. The Canadian Sport School bases admission on the recommendations of national and provincial sport organizations and those recommendations may also be made on the basis of individual athlete potential in addition to their membership on a provincial or national team.

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