Canadian Sport School is open to athletes in grades 10-12 who have been identified by their national or provincial sport organization under the Canadian long-term athlete development model.

Athletes must be competing in a sport, recognized as an “accredited” sport by viaSport, and meet the eligibility criteria below in order to submit an application:


  1. Entering grades 10, 11, or 12 at the beginning of the academic school year (September-June).
  2. Considered in good standing with their Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) or National Sport Organization (NSO).
  3. Participating in a Local Sport Organization (LSO), PSO, or NSO program that provides consistent training and competitive opportunities.


Athletes who do not meet the eligibility criteria by the application deadline may obtain permission from their CSS campus to submit an application if they may fulfill the eligibility criteria prior to August 30th of that year.


Para-Athletes are welcome to apply to the program in accordance with the eligibility criteria listed. In order to ensure that the IGNITE program is able to provide a world class service, there are additional measures put in place to ensure that the IGNITE coaching staff is adequately prepared to coach the athlete.

Please contact your local CSS campus directly for further information.

Register with Canadian Sport Institute Pacific

Athletes may be eligible to register with the Canadian Sport Institute in order to receive benefits and services. ​

To learn more, please visit the Canadian Sport Institute Athlete Eligibility page.

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