IGNITE Athlete Development Summer Camp

This camp will focus on the fundamentals to develop basic skills that athletes will need to progress in the high performance pathway. Drawing on our curriculum of Olympic Weightlifting, Sprint Mechanics and Gymnastics, this camp will ensure that athletes learn skills to help them become better athletes! 

Athletes will also learn the basics of mobility and “prehab”, core strengthening, stretching and goal setting, and will undergo some baseline physical testing for athletes to see where they measure up.

The IGNITE Summer camp is for high performance or competitive level athletes between the ages of 13 and 17 who fall under the Long Term Athlete Development Stage: Train to Train or Train to Compete.

2019 IGNITE Summer Camp
Monday July 8 to Thursday July 11, 2019
8:15am to 12:30pm.
Canadian Sport Institute Pacific – Victoria Campus
4371 Interurban Rd, Victoria, BC

Age: 13 to 17 years

Price: $300

For more information or questions please see our FAQs

or contact CSS Lead Coach, Laura-Ellen de Vries 250-220-2574

Canadian Sport School Victoria - Sprint Training


I am in-season or injured right now. Will participating in the camp affect my training or competitions?

The primary goal of the IGNITE Summer Camp is provide education for athletes to take away with them and enhance their year round training. If an athlete has other physical considerations or injuries, we can easily adapt the program in such a way as to minimize any impact on training and performance in other areas. However, athletes must communicate to coaches what they are and are not comfortable doing.

​Do I need to know how to do Weightlifting, Sprinting or Gymnastics in order to participate in the camp?

No, our camp is designed to teach athletes who have had limited experience in these training modes. If an athlete has more training experience in a particular area, we can adjust the training to provide adequate challenge for any level of athlete, however the program instruction assumes no prior knowledge/experience in any of these areas.

What do I need to bring with me to the camp? 

Bring yourself, comfortable training clothes, water bottles and running shoes. We will be training both indoors and outdoors, so please dress according to the weather.