Thank you for your interest in applying to the Canadian Sport School Victoria.

To learn more about our program, please visit our page: Information for Prospective Students.

Elite Student-Athletes who are currently in grade 9, 10 or 11 are eligible to apply. Please click for more detailed information about student-athlete eligibility requirements.

Current CSS Athletes are also required to re-apply to continue in the program.

We have 30 available spaces every year.

CSS Info Nights 2019
CSS Victoria

CSS Victoria Important 2019 Dates

Tues. Feb 19:
Information Night (register below)
Mon. Mar 4:
CSS Applications Open
Thurs. Apr 4:
CSS Application Deadline (12:00pm)
Fri. May 10:
Preliminary Admission Selections announced

Alternate Info Sessions

Feb. 28: 11:55am to 1:00pm

March 8: 2:15 to 3:30pm

Please email us to register for an alternative info session at least 48 hours in advance of the event.

CSS Victoria Info Night 2019

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CSS Victoria Information Night

Tuesday February 19, 2018
Canadian Sport Institute Victoria Campus at PISE
4371 Interurban Rd
Victoria, BC

CSS Kelowna

CSS Kelowna Important 2019 Dates

Tue. Feb 26:
Information Night (register below)
Mon. Mar 4:
CSS Applications Open
Thurs. Apr 4:
CSS Application Deadline (12:00pm)
Fri. May 10:
Preliminary Admission Selections announced

Before Applying

1. Read the Website

The following pages contain important information regarding our program.

2. Attend the CSS Info Night

Athletes, parents and coaches are encouraged to attend our information night:

It is mandatory for all applicants, plus at least one parent or guardian to be present at the information night. If a parent/guardian is unavailable to attend the info night, we ask that they schedule a time to come in and meet with CSS Staff before the application deadline. Because of the nature of the CSS program which involves coordinating many aspects of the student-athletes life (ie. transportation, class scheduling, graduation planning etc.) it is imperative that parents are fully engaged proactively with a strong understanding of how our program operates.

Late applicants should schedule a meeting with CSS staff before submitting an application.

3. Visit a Canadian Sport School Session

Athletes, parents and coaches are always welcome and strongly encouraged to observe our training program firsthand before applying. Please set up an appointment with Lead Coach, Jennifer Joyce.

4. Talk to Your Coach

As part of each athlete’s application, their coach must give a positive recommendation for the athlete to participate in the Canadian Sport School. It is imperative that coaches have a full understanding of the IGNITE Athlete Development Program, which is the physical component of the Canadian Sport School. Any coaches who have never had an athlete in the Canadian Sport School program are required to meet with Lead Coach, Jennifer Joyce and are encouraged to observe/attend a session.

If athletes are accepted into the program, coaches will be required to submit quarterly evaluations from September to June. These evaluations help the CSS gain a more holistic perspective on how to support each athlete. They are also used towards generating grades and work habit marks for Individual Sport Training A & B 10/11/12.

Canadian Sport School

Application Package

As detailed below, all Student-Athletes (new & returning) must complete the online application and submit all required documents to be considered for admission:

1. Online Application Form – New & Returning Athletes

Complete the Online Application Form and upload the following mandatory documents. You will receive an automated confirmation email when this online application is successfully submitted.

  1. Upload most recent report card from the current school year – NEW ATHLETES ONLY
  2. Upload an Athlete Bio/ Sport Resume (Examples: Bio#1 [PDF], Bio #2 [PDF], Website) – NEW & RETURNING ATHLETES
  3. Upload the Returning Athlete Assignment – RETURNING ATHLETES ONLY


This form must be completed by the coach of your primary sport. If you’re unsure who to have complete your coach reference form, please contact Jennifer Joyce.

3. Teacher Reference Form – NEW ATHLETES ONLY

This form must be completed by a teacher who has taught you in a core academic course (ie. english, math, socials, science) in the current school year. Please do not use a reference from a Physical Education course or other elective.

4. PSO/NSO Reference Form

Please have a representative of your Provincial or National Sport Organization complete this form to validate your current athletic performances and your achievement level within the high performance pathway.


Applications will be considered complete when the online application is submitted and all required reference forms are received. When you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a google document, where you can see the status of your application and which documents have been received.

For any technical difficulties during this process, please contact Jennifer Joyce.

Mel Pemble

Interview Process

After applications have been submitted, finalists will be contacted to complete an interview with CSS Staff.

Interviews will last approximately 20 minutes and are an opportunity for students to distinguish themselves from one another and demonstrate that they embody the Canadian Sport School Core Values:

  • Leadership
  • Community
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Humility
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Commitment

Interviews for new athletes will be conducted in spring 2019.
Returning applicants will be interviewed after new athletes have been interviewed.

Roster Selections

The preliminary 2018-19 CSS Roster will be announced in May 2019.

At that time athletes will be designated to one of the following categories:

    Admission offered into CSS Program
    Admission subject to specific eligibility requirements being met by a deadline. Once those eligibility requirements are met, the applicant would be eligible for full admissions (Category 1)
    Wait listed pending available space, at which time the applicant would be eligible for full admission (Category 1). If no position becomes available before August 1st, then we encourage you to continue to train hard and re-apply in the future, if you are eligible
    Admission subject to specific eligibility requirements being met by a deadline. Once those eligibility requirements are met, the applicant would be eligible for the wait list (Category 3)
    We have an extremely competitive application process. If you are not accepted, we encourage you to continue to train hard and re-apply in the future, if you are eligible

* if your athletic standing/level of achievement has changed since you submitted your application, please contact Jennifer to ensure she has the full details of all current athletic achievements as this can change your standing in the admission process.

The admission process takes into consideration the applicant’s:

  • athletic achievement
  • athletic character, attitude and work ethic (coach references will be taken into consideration)
  • academic character, attitude and work ethic (academic references will be taken into consideration)
  • interview

While applicants are strongly weighted towards athletic achievement as per our program’s mandate, we will also be taking into consideration the other essential elements of the applicant’s overall character and what that individual brings to the program. We are looking for student-athletes who will contribute positively to the CSS program and daily environment.

Canadian Sport School

Academic Course Planning

As our roster may take some time to be fully finalized based on conditional acceptances or wait lists, we may not be able to finalize your status until August.

Please plan your academic courses accordingly, assuming that you will be accepted to the program. Your core academic courses should be planned for the half of the day in which you intend to attend your regular school. Electives (which you can later drop if accepted into CSS) should be planned into the half of the day in which you intend on attending CSS. Oak Bay HS students should plan core academic courses for blocks 5, 6, 7, 8 which only allows them to attend CSS on Monday/Wednesday mornings, and Tuesday/Thursday afternoons.

Below please find buttons linking to our academic course planning information, as well as letter that students may provide to their counselors with more information about the CSS program. Please contact our CSS Teacher if you require more information.

Tuition & Fee Payment

Annual Tuition: $2000 (Effective Sept. 2018) (includes non-refundable $300 deposit upon acceptance of admission.)

Optional Transportation Fee: Effective Sept 2018, $1250/year or $125/month

Only students wishing to opt-in for daily transportation will pay the transportation fee. These fees will be charged in September along with the base tuition. Students may opt out at any time for a pro-rated refund.

In the event an athlete should decide to quit the program or if the athlete is asked to leave the program, there will be no refunds granted.

Payment options are as follows:

Payment by Credit Card

You will have an opportunity to enter your credit card information in our online registration database. We will automatically charge your credit card at the appropriate times.

Payment by Cheque

If you chose to pay by cheque, we must receive 2 cheques post-dated for:

June 1 (of the current year): $300
September 1 (current year): Remaining tuition & fees

Please make cheques out to: “Canadian Sport Institute”.

Please mail or drop off cheques to our program assistant at the appropriate campus address. Cheques must be received with the final acceptance paperwork.

NOTE: In cases of financial hardship, alternate payment options may be arranged. Please contact Jennifer Joyce to discuss tuition and payment options.

Late Applications

Late applications may be accepted after the spring deadline and will be subject to the regular application process (ie. submission of all required documents, student-athlete interview etc.)

Late applications will be evaluated on a case by case basis and will depend on a variety of factors including: available space in the program, having achieved the eligibility criteria, current athletic achievements etc.