Student-Athlete Application – PSO/NSO Reference

Dear PSO/NSO Partners,

Our program is comprised of elite athletes in grades 10-12 and provides a framework of both academic and athletic support to help these student athletes balance their academic and athletic workloads. Our mandate is to support our future Olympians, Paralympians and National Team members to reach the next level in their high performance pathway, so that they may one day represent Canada on the International stage. Please feel free to browse our website, particulary our Program Overview page.

You have either been requested to complete this form by a prospective Canadian Sport School student-athlete or a CSS representative. This form will help complete their application package. Following the application process, applicants who meet our CSS eligibility criteria will be interviewed and ranked according to a framework which takes into consideration, athletic achievement, academic work habit standards and their interview. All athletes will be ranked against one other and we will accept the top student-athletes for next September.

As a multi-sport organization, we look to our PSO and NSO partners to provide us with the sport specific technical expertise to help us evaluate our applicants’ athletic performance and progress within the high performance pathway. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our CSS Provincial Admin Team directly or directly to each CSS campus as necessary.