New Student Application – Coach Reference

Dear Coaches,

Please read these instructions thoroughly before beginning. This form will serve three purposes for us at the Canadian Sport School (CSS).

1. This form will act as a letter of recommendation and give you an opportunity to share how your athlete would be an appropriate fit and an asset to our program, as well as how you hope the CSS program can benefit your athlete.

2. This form will give an opportunity for coaches to indicate if they need more information about CSS to better understand the physical training components that will be taking place. It is of the utmost priority to us to ensure that sport coaches are fully supportive of the physical training program that will be delivered. For more information about the physical training component of CSS, (called the IGNITE Athlete Development Program) please follow the lGNITE link.

3. We also want to highlight that as the athlete’s coach of record, you will be required to submit brief quarterly evaluations (online survey format) for your athlete throughout their time at CSS, which helps support one of the courses for which they will receieve academic credit. (Individual Sport Training A & B). There will be an agreement checkbox at the bottom of this form as well.

Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your loacl CSS contact person:

Thank you for your time and support of the Canadian Sport School!

  • Please indicate: How long you have worked with this athlete? Where you see this athlete in 5-7 years? Do you think this athlete has the potential to be a future senior Canadian national team athlete?
  • 1. What are this athlete's biggest strengths?
    2. Where does this athlete need to improve in order to get to the next level?
    3. What do you want your athlete to gain from participating in our program?
  • The core values of the Canadian Sport School include:
    Integrity, Accountability, Discipline, Commitment, Leadership, Community, Humility, Professionalism, Pursuit of Excellence and Respect

    Please choose 2 of these core values and describe how this student has demonstrated these qualities to you in an academic setting.
  • Please feel free to include any other relevant information that will help us to make the best decision in our admission process.
  • Coach Support Please indicate your level of support for your athlete in their application.