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Laura-Ellen de Vries, Canadian Sport School Coach

Laura-Ellen de Vries

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Laura-Ellen is in her first year running the Canadian Sport School and comes to us with a wealth of knowledge. She has her Master’s in Human Movement Sciences from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands where she studied thermal physiology. Her passion for strength and conditioning was developed in the early years of her undergraduate degree of Kinesiology. At McMaster University she was exposed to various training cultures and teams. She learned that performance and excellence can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

In the final years of her undergraduate, she managed McMaster’s swimming team in the area of strength and conditioning. This experience allowed her to gain an understanding of a high functioning integrated support system while working with head coaches and physiotherapists. She applied this knowledge to her working years in between her Bachelors and Masters and gained her Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist qualification. Working at Mind to Muscle in Ontario and Beach Volleyball Canada/ the Ontario Volleyball Association, she advanced her understanding of long term athlete development. These opportunities allowed her to learn a diverse skill set in managing clients of all different populations, as well as gain experience in how to optimize performance.

During her Master’s she worked with the Schaatsacademie Noordwest in Haarlem, The Netherlands. This work involved development of young high performance speed skaters. Here she began to understand different approaches to strength and conditioning.

From a young age she has competed in a multitude of sports from figure skating, cross country running, track & field and rugby. Later on in life she competed at a varsity level for track & field and rowing. After her undergraduate degree she took to competing in triathlon. She believes in the importance of building from the ground up and that foundations are important for achieving excellence.

Christina Kadin, Canadian Sport School Teacher

Christina Kadin

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Christina is currently in her 5th year with the Canadian Sport School Victoria and in her 15th year of teaching which has included experiences in various parts of the world (Yellowknife, Kelowna, Kimberley, Taiwan and Victoria). Christina graduated with great distinction (3.98GPA) from University of Lethbridge with a combined degree – Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education. She holds a major in Physical Education and a minor in Mathematics. Christina spent her first 2 years at University of Alberta in Edmonton before transferring to Lethbridge.

Christina grew up as a multi-sport athlete in Kimberley, BC, and was very active all year long, competing in different sports through various seasons like swimming, volleyball, basketball, downhill skiing, soccer and figure skating. She was fortunate to attend high school provincial championships for swimming, volleyball and downhill skiing. After high school graduation, Christina’s focus switched to being “Active For Life” and now competes in triathlon and running events including finishing the 2009 Ironman Canada.

“From a young age, I studied successful people and was motivated to pursue excellence. Sport was always a large part of my life and my fondest memories are of these experiences and the people involved. I am passionate about helping others and the Canadian Sport School provides me with the opportunity to work around three things I love – sport, learning and excellence. I’m very fortunate to work with students with big dreams and be able to help provide the resources required to help them achieve them.”

Dean Kaylan, Canadian Sport School Gymnastics Coach

Dean Kaylan

Dean was the gymnastics coach in the pilot project that evolved into the Sport School and this is his 4th year working with the Canadian Sport School program.

Dean has a Masters Degree in Education & Conflict Resolution and has worked in both public and private secondary schools establishing community development programs.

Dean is an NCCP certified Level 2 Gymnastics Coach and Level 1 Trampoline coach with over ten years experience coaching all levels from beginner to elite athlete. In addition to studying Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan, Dean has trained in martial arts for over two decades, earning his Black Belt in 1995, and working as an instructor for six years. A lifelong student of human development and the advantages of cross training between athletic disciplines, Dean strives to bring a high energy and fun approach to integrating core strength, body movement awareness, and heightened levels of mobility, flexibility, and balance into all training efforts.

Having worked with National level athletes and being acutely aware of the toll elite level training can have on the body, Dean strives to provide athletes with a well-rounded understanding of how to avoid injury through balanced and integrated approaches to training.

Cody Gervais, Intern Coach

Cody Gervais

Cody in his second year with the Canadian Sports School as an Ignite Coach Intern. He is currently in his fourth year of the Bachelor’s of Sport and Fitness Leadership (BSFL) program at Camosun College. Cody has been a rugby player for the past 15 years and has spent the last 5 years playing for Westshore RFC at the Premier, and Division 1 levels being coached by and playing with National Team Members.

Cody is now making the transition to coaching and his passion is to be a Strength and Conditioning Specialist with high performance athletes. He currently is certified through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology as a Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP-CPT). In the Next year, Cody plans on completing National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Level 1 in weightlifting and become a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS) after graduating from BSFL.